About/Contact Info/Submission Guidelines

Pandamonium Publishing House was founded in 2015 by Lacey L. Bakker. We are a boutique publishing house in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where we publish up to ten titles a year. We publish all types of fiction including children’s picture books, middle-grade novels, young adult, and adult books. We strive to keep things fresh and exciting, and we¬†pride ourselves on being Canadian owned and operated. We love to publish fellow Canadians and are always looking for new talent. Literacy is so important to us, and we believe that reading and writing are the keys to success. Drop us a line at pandapublishing8@gmail.com.

We love to hear your comments and will respond to each one personally! If you’re wondering how to submit your manuscript, please type submission into the search bar. Please follow the guidelines in order to be considered.

E: pandapublishing8@gmail.com

T: 905-979-4949