Contact Info/Submission Guidelines

About Us: It all started with a silly cat named Panda! In October of 2015, Lacey decided to write a children’s book based on her own cat. During this time, Pandamonium Publishing House was born and the rest is history; an arsenal of books, 10 illustrators, and 7 (and counting) authors later, here we are, still giving a voice to Canadian, local authors. Since we strive to be a boutique publishing house in Hamilton, we publish up to ten titles a year. We publish all types of fiction and non-fiction including children’s picture books, middle-grade novels, young adult, and adult books. We promise to keep things fresh and exciting, and we pride ourselves on being Canadian owned and operated. Literacy is our mission and we want people to be inspired to read books that they love! Pandamonium Publishing House is owned by Lacey L. Bakker, but without her fabulous teammates, this business would cease to exist.

Submission guidelines:

Please follow the submission guidelines below to be considered. Please remember that we don’t do boring! We do chaos, fun, and strive to write books that people love to read. We can’t own a company called PANDAMONIUM and expect anything less from our stories!

  • Please introduce yourself and how you found out about Pandamonium.
  • Please include your query.
  • Please send a synopsis of your work (include the ending of the book) and please make it one page only. A synopsis is a brief summary of your book.
  • Please include the first five pages (or entire children’s book manuscript) of your manuscript pasted into the BODY of your e-mail. I won’t open attachments unless they are from a trusted source.
  • Please include the word count for your submission.
  • Please allow 4-12 weeks for a response from me, as this allows me the much-needed time to accurately address your manuscript. We also don’t accept simultaneous submissions; if you’ve already submitted to another publisher, please wait for their response before submitting your work to us. I will send you a response either way via e-mail, so remember to include your contact information!
  • Please don’t take anything personally. Sometimes I reject manuscripts for different reasons; maybe we’re at our maximum publishing quota for the year, maybe the story isn’t a great fit for our publishing house, perhaps there are too many errors within the manuscript, etc. Whatever the reason, please don’t take it personally. Keep submitting and keep trying!

To send me a submission of your work following the guidelines above, e-mail me at and include SUBMISSION in the subject line. Please note that if the above guidelines are not adhered to, you will be immediately disqualified from publication. I look forward to reading your work.


T: 905-979-4949