The Adventures of Milan and Friends…Collector’s Edition!


Collector’s Edition Alert! Get your copy of only 50 EVER Released of this alternate cover of The Adventures of Milan and Friends, Trouble with Trolls, (A Halloween Tail!) Order now before they’re gone!

No book collection is complete without a Halloween themed title! Join Milan and his friends on Halloween night as they set out to collect the tastiest candy! The friends must travel through the forest and across a bridge to reach their destination, but there is only one thing standing in their way; a scary, mean troll! Will they be able to defeat him and collect their treats? Read the book to find out!

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SOLD OUT! This book has been placed in our vault until October 1st, 2019! Thank you.

Collector’s Edition Alert! Only 50 of these alternate covers will EVER be released! Order yours today!

Written by Lacey L. Bakker, Illustrated by Alex Goubar. Published by Pandamonium Publishing House, 2018. Suitable for readers ages 0-5, Halloween theme.



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