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Start Pretending

February 12, 2020– Your dream is to become a published author, right? Well, then you need to start acting like it. What do I mean? I mean that you need to start behaving as if you already are a published author even though you may not be just yet. Once you start doing this, amazing things will begin to happen. Some of you may think that I’m nuts, but here’s what pretending that you’re already published, will do for you:

  1.  You’ll build confidence. While it’s true that authors can be introverts, most of us aren’t. We love people and talking about our work. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were an author, how would you dress, how would you speak, what would you talk about? Pretending what it would be like, will have you feeling less afraid and more confident. Your confidence will draw people to you, and you’ll tell them what you’re working on.  Then the right people will start popping into place as if by magic. You’ll draw the people you need to you like a moth to a flame, perhaps it will be an illustrator, writing buddy, publisher, or editor.
  2. You’ll start doing the things you need to do. When you look at yourself as being an author, there is a trail of breadcrumbs that lead to it. Work backward. Ask yourself, how did I get here? Make a list of all the things that lead up to publication, such as writing a book or article, submitting your work to the right people, writing more often, keeping a schedule, and getting organized. Once you know what steps you need to take, you’re more likely to do them!
  3.  You’ll be inspired. You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone by using your imagination! Our imaginations are like faucets; once we turn them on, they don’t shut off unless we shut them off. You’ll be inspired by the experiences you have, and it will cause you to do more. You’ll see yourself as an author, and you’ll start showing up as her.

Now, of course, I’m not talking about lying to people or telling half-truths, I’m saying that you should tell people that you’re on your way to realizing your dreams because you are! Keep putting the work in, keep showing up, and keep being positive. You’ll get there sooner than you think!


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