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28% of Canadian Children are…

May 21, 2021– We’re talking about writing for kids all this month and in keeping with that theme, I wanted to let you in on something very special.

28% of Canadian Children (2.856 MILLION) are reluctant readers, don’t let your child be one of them! Children who are reluctant to read suffer from low-self esteem, short attention spans, illiteracy later in life, and behavioural problems that can impact their futures.

Did you know that ¼ of Canadian households don’t own a single book? Not one. Hard to imagine, I know, but it’s true, according to a study done by First Books Canada. As illiteracy rates in our country skyrocket, with as many as 12 million Canadians not being literate enough to complete everyday tasks, illiteracy presents a massive problem for our future and our children’s futures.

Illiteracy among school-aged children is caused by several factors such as:

  1. Poverty levels in local communities
  2. Lack of education among parents (1.44 million adults, working Canadians have never finished high school)
  3. Limited access to reading materials that engage, entertain, and educate children at an early age

What can we do about it? At Pandamonium Publishing House, I have spent the last six years tirelessly learning, studying and bringing engaging, fun, interactive books to children based on my education worldwide. I have studied under some of the brightest minds, including Jarrett Krosoczka (New York Times best-selling author and illustrator of the Lunch Lady Series) in New York, Michael Morpurgo (former Children’s Laureate and best-selling author of over 140 books, including The Butterfly Lion) in London, England, and Jack Canfield (founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and best selling author of children’s book I Can Believe in Myself) in Toronto. I have studied writing for children for 2,400 hours over the last six years in continuing education to bring you the most fun, chaotic, and engaging stories that children will ask to read again and again.

Literacy is my passion, and my mission is to get children excited about reading! You won’t find boring books in our collection that preach to kids or are written for parents; instead, you’ll find larger-than-life characters and stories that kids care about and themes like friendship, teamwork, perseverance, and the power of imagination! We know that the time you take to read with your child at the end of the day is sacred; thank you for inviting us into your home.

For one day only, Sunday, May 23, until Midnight EST, we’ve got an exclusive offer for the first 51 people that respond; we’re slashing our prices on our children’s books because our printer made a mistake and printed too many copies of multiple titles. We can’t send them back, so we’re offering them to you at a special discount. Each book is usually $14.99 plus tax, but for one day only, we’re offering you three books for $30 taxes and shipping included. That’s a savings of $18! Think of the fun your child will have when they receive their surprise books in the mail and the beautiful memories you’ll be making as you read with them while igniting their love of literacy.

Call 905-979-4949 or email to place your order now! Remember, quantities are limited and only available to the first 51 people.

Thank you for helping us fight illiteracy in Canada and helping to get kids excited about reading again!