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Continuing Education Transitioning from Writer to Author

September 8, 2021– Class is back in session and we’re no exception! This month, we’re focusing on continuing education for writers, as you know, and today we’ll be chatting about a specialized course that we offer called Transitioning from Writer to Author and what that entails; you can check out the course description here: Transitioning from Writer to Author (An Introductory Course) – Pandamonium Publishing House

I’m a huge believer in continuing education, and I put in around 400 hours a year on average studying writing, storytelling, publishing, and marketing, as well as learning about best business practices. I take classes, courses, workshops, seminars, and anything that I can get my hands on! It’s important to always learn, grow, and improve in whatever industry you’re in because things are always changing. I want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s going on in publishing, and the book business with some really cool stuff sprinkled in like Consumer Neuroscience and Crafting Viral and Contagious Content.

So, what does transitioning from writer to author mean, and what does it include? Let’s dive in:

Writer: Someone who puts words on paper in an organized (or unorganized manner) that they write for themself or to send in for publication consideration (without being published).

Author: Someone who puts words on paper in an organized (or unorganized manner) that they write for paid publication.

That may seem like a tiny difference, but a big one when it comes to money! Everyone who loves to write dreams of earning a living and seeing their name in print while being compensated financially.

In our course Transitioning from Writer to Author, we examine the following subject matter:

  1. What publishers are looking for. We break it down into specifics and talk about major roadblocks that will stop your work from even being seen, let alone published. We talk about writing for all kinds of publications, including magazines, blogs, books, and e-books.
  2. How to get your work noticed. What makes your manuscript stand out, how to write a query letter and synopis that can’t be ignored, and how to ace the interview online or in-person.
  3. Where to submit your work based on what you’re writing about. We have the connections and in this course you’ll have access to them! We know where to submit and where the best place is for your writing.
  4. The 5 most common mistakes that new writers make and how to fix them. Yep! We see the same mistakes over and over as publishers and we want you to avoid them at all costs. Each genre has their own unique set of problems, so let us help you write like an experienced author.
  5. Why your work isn’t getting published and what you can do about it. There are so many things that can stop your work from getting published and publishers have seen it all! Don’t waste your time worrying about rejection, but move forward with the knowledge that no matter the reason, you can always fix the problem.
  6. How to get paid for your writing. This is what everyone wants to know! We’ve got the inside scoop on how to get paid for your writing and even where to submit your work to win contests, sweepstakes, and prizes.
  7. The process of writing for publication. There’s a very specific formula when writing for publication and each one of those processes is dependent on the subject matter. We have the formula for each and we’ll share our secrets in this course.

This course is a great way to continue your education and find out everything you need to know about transitioning from writer to author. Plus, you get me as your private mentor to help walk you through each step on your journey. Sign up today! Space is limited: Transitioning from Writer to Author (An Introductory Course) – Pandamonium Publishing House

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Reaching Best Seller Status

January 29, 2021– Thank you to everyone who enrolled in our Best Seller Bootcamp! I had such a fantastic time teaching all of you and I can’t wait to see your books at the top of  the best seller lists!  Thank you for the outstanding reviews and for all the positive texts, emails, and notes. You’ve all been so amazing and I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the course. Let’s dig into the final day of Best Seller Bootcamp.

What does it mean for your writing career when you finally reach best-seller status? It means that you get to use that status in your marketing and then perform the entire process all over again to reach best seller status for your next book! You can add it to your writing credits and writing resume, plus the status of best seller can never be taken away from you.

Becoming a best selling author is something that you should be proud of. Take the time to enjoy all of the hard work you’ve put in to reach your goal! But then, get back to work:)

Here are some of the reviews from Our Best Seller Bootcamp students:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class material and Lacey was one of the best teacher’s I’ve had. I learned more from this one course than I have in any other course I’ve taken to date. A fabulous formula for best seller status.” -Maggie K.

“This course was so much fun! I had a blast and learned a ton. I’m confident that I have the winning recipe to reach best seller status. Five stars, I highly recommend Lacey and her courses! She’s a hoot!”– Joseph R.

“A ton of well thought out information from one of the best.”– Rachael M.

“Listen to Lacey. She knows what she’s talking about! She’s a fantastic teacher, speaker, and educator. The best in the business.”-Stephanie C.

“Best seller bootcamp was awesome! I learned so much and enjoyed how we explored each section in depth. Lacey answered all of my questions in detail and was so fantastic to work with. I would follow her off the edge of a cliff.” -Taryn W.

Thank you so much! It’s so humbling to help others and have them succeed. Wishing each one of you the very best now and always. X LLB  (Join us in February for Taking Risks!)


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Starting On Monday, January 4!

January 1, 2020-Happy New Year, friends! I hope that this year brings your dreams to fruition, much happiness, health, and wealth and that you’re ready to get to work! This month we’ll be doing a Best-Seller Bootcamp which starts on Monday, January 4th right here at We’ll be talking about all things best-seller-related including how to use data analysis to improve your marketing efforts, what makes a best-seller, how keywords and categories are used, and the mechanics behind writing a best-seller! We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to invest in yourself with our *additional* Best-Seller Bootcamp course (which complements what we’ll learn here) where you’ll get a ton of bonus info, a downloadable workbook, and access to yours truly as your personal mentor each week of January! Is 2021 the year that you become a best-seller? To enroll in our limited class-size Best Seller Bootcamp click here: Best-Seller Bootcamp January 4th-31st – Pandamonium Publishing House

Here’s to you and reaching your writing goals in 2021 and beyond!

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Upcoming Courses at Grimsby Public Library

May 4, 2017- I’m excited to announce some upcoming courses that I will be teaching at the Grimsby Public Library. I sincerely hope that you’ll join me because the courses are packed full of relevant, important information that can help you get started in your writing career. Check out the dates and events below and be sure to register as there is limited space. Looking forward to seeing you in class!