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Special Teams

March 9, 2020– Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge hockey fan. Publishing, for me, is a lot like hockey in the sense that there are coaches, teammates, and special teams who kill penalties/score on powerplays.  Why is it important to have special teams in publishing, and what are they? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Illustrators/Graphic Artists-These are the teammates that we depend on when we’re in a dire situation. These are the teammates behind the bench that are stitching us up after we’ve been hit with a puck to the face, and they’re making sure we can get back on the ice quickly and safely. They are always performing their best, and they stick to deadlines. Without them, our books would be black, white, and grey. They bring colour and imagination to an otherwise dull world. These are the teammates that I call on when we need changes made quickly and accurately. Thank you, Alex, Erin, Emily J, Emily K, Shamayal, Chris, Sarah, Dani, Nikki, Danielle, and Chi. 
  2. Editors-These are the teammates that are sent in to kill penalties and ensure that the House is protected and error-free in each and every manuscript that we publish. We depend on them to make sure we won’t be caught doing something stupid. They check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and sentence structure. They make sure that we are putting out our best work. Thank you, Helen. 
  3. Authors-These are the teammates that are sent out on a powerplay. They’re the ones who drive the business forward by selling their books, they do book signings, and get people interested in our publishing company. They are the ambassadors of our team, and they represent us well. They score the goals when the opportunities arise.  They are the storytellers and they bring their genius to every project. Without them, there would be no team. Thank you, Tamara, Tim, Ken, Michelle, Samantha, Tonya, Joanne, Gina, Lindsay, Paul, and Rachel. 
  4. Coaches-This is me. I’m the one drawing up the plays on the ice and coming up with strategies. I say where we go and in which direction we’re headed to contend for Lord Stanley. I put the players where their strengths are and make adjustments as needed. I see the best in them and work with them accordingly for the benefit of the entire team. I’m on the ice with them for every practice, and at the end of the day, the team will rise to the level of their training. It’s my job to make sure that we are profitable, winning, and that everyone succeeds. I, like any other coach, am focused on developing my team to be the best that they can. And I’m also hoping to keep my job…

Special teams in publishing are so crucial because the entire team has different roles and will be called upon at various times to help the team where and when it needs it most. I’m not sending in our penalty killers when we’re on the powerplay. X LLB


Bruins vs Hurricanes
Ask my team if this is what they look like when I yell…


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Our Guest Blogger is…

September 11, 2019– Today, our guest blogger is Tim Ford. Check out his post below about his work, current and upcoming projects, and some insight into his success.

My name is Tim Ford, and I am a writer. I believe everyone has a story inside them to tell.  For yours truly, I have several. Having said this, it took many years to realize my words, or thought process was not just some mumble jumble of words on paper. 

Three things specifically helped me to move forward:

# 1, Confidence in myself. Like with anything in life, confidence is either your best friend, or worse enemy. I have never taken a course on creative writing, in fact when I was in high school, it was all about the girls, sports, partying. Hey, it was the 70s.

# 2, Music. Now just bear with me. When I hear a song, or even a certain note, it consumes me. I am drawn into it like a dream. I can feel the pain, joy, violence, sexuality. When I write, I also need the perfect song to draw me in.  To put me into almost a manic mode, riding that note like a surfer would to shore.

# 3, Editor, this is what completes me as a writer. They tie up my loose end. The majority of my writing takes place at nighttime, and I mean right up till the sun comes up. The fatigue will open up another dimension of writing, but sometimes I am throwing darts all around the bulls eye, but I can’t nail it. The perfect editor, they guide my hand, and put me in the bulls eye.

I currently have several projects on the go. On February 7, 2016. I released the first book in a series called “Strong, A Warriors Journey Through Hell And Back. It is about the making of a career criminal. That book is title Santa Dies Once Again.  The opening scene takes place in 1991. Main character is being interviewed by the cops, they give him the option of the electric chair, lethal injection, or become a rat. The whole series goes back to how and why he got himself into this clusterfuck of a mess.  Other published books in the series are “Summer of Love – Fall of Hate”, “A Jungle Is Still A Jungle”, “Criminology 101”, and to be released this fall, “Chasing Dragons – Slaying Demons”. I am currently in book 12 of this series.

I was also lucky enough to pitch an idea to Lacey Bakker of Pandamonium Publishing House about a DNA conspiracy book. So many twists, you will need a chiropractor after reading this. This book is being written 3rd person along side Lacey… Something I have never done before, but with Lacey’s guidance, and yes support, things are progressing quite well.

Also started a stand-alone book about a 39-year-old strait-laced Canadian who has an affair with an 19 year old American hippie. This takes place in 1969. And it also has to do with the music scene back then. So, you know my heart and soul is truly going to be into this.

Thanks for having a look.

Keep Rocking, Tim Ford. 

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How to Self-Edit Your Writing!

August 3, 2018– Normally, I would advise against self-editing especially if you plan on submitting your work to a publisher. It always pays to send in your most polished writing, and the cost of getting your manuscript professionally edited is absolutely worth it! But what about the publisher? If they like my work don’t they pay to get it edited? Yes, of course, we do, but it’s always a breath of fresh air to have a manuscript submitted that requires less editing, and that is pretty close to almost perfect.

My advice, if you can’t afford to hire a pro to edit your ms before sending to a publisher, can be found in this excellent infographic from our friends at Check out the tips below!

How to self-edit - 8 top editing tips for fiction writers

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Writer vs. Editor…Uh oh!

June 15, 2018- Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my editor. I also pray that she’s not reading this! Check out this really cool infographic about writers vs editors…why can’t we all just get along?

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