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That’s Debatable

April 13, 2021– As we continue with our theme of pushing the envelope this month, it would be crazy for us to leave out this next tip. Opinions, fashion choices, relationship choices, food preferences, and more may not always line up with what we know and what we choose for our own lives, and that’s the beauty of life; no one is the same, so why should our writing be? Here are some ways that you can push the envelope in your writing:

  • Expand your views of the world. You don’t have to agree with everything that’s going on around you, but it’s important to know that there are many sides to a story and many opinions and beliefs that differ from yours. By expanding your view of the world, you become a better writer, perhaps become more understanding or empathetic, or learn about issues and things you may not have known before. The point is to incorporate this into your writing, and when you expand your views, you expand your mind.
  • Read new authors. Who was the last author you read? Someone mainstream? An indie author that you found at a little bookstore in Prague? Have you ever read anyone other than your favourties? Reading new authors allows us to have a whole new experience as readers and writers. We get to hear new tones of voice, new perspectives, observe new techniques, and perhaps a unique type of dialogue, especially if it’s a regional one. Studying and enjoying all types of authors will help you become a better writer and will help you push the envelope in your writing.
  • Debate both sides of an issue. It’s easy to get stuck with an I’m right mentality when we cannot see both sides of an issue. As a writer, I challenge you to debate the opposite side of something that you believe. When we do this, we open our minds to new possibilities, and these will translate into our writing. Don’t get stuck believing the same old things, talking about the same old issues, and writing in the same way when you haven’t explored both sides of a story.

It’s time to get out of the box with your thinking and writing. Try something new and push the limits for yourself and your work. If you haven’t yet read any of our authors at Pandamonium Publishing House, here’s your chance! Check out our collection: Products – Pandamonium Publishing House