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Words of Healing, Letter by Letter by Fazila Nurani

January 31, 2022– I thought I’d share some of the wonderful reviews that have been sent in by readers of Words of Healing, Letter by Letter a brand new poetry book by author Fazila Nurani. Words of Healing, Letter by Letter is a collection of 26 inspirational poems that meander through the alphabet, in the same way that self-care and healing the heart takes kind attention, step-by-step. Using poetic language awake to connection, this book encourages the reader to engage with the world and personal experiences with deep devotion to the mystery and lessons life gifts us all.

Author’s knowledge of poetry and language is admirable. I’m amazed by her ability to “gather” verses about the divine, the physical and metaphysical into a meaningful whole. This book is an insightful investigation of the body and mind. It is a quest for personal truth, self acceptance and belonging.Her reflections on life and world surrounding her give hope to the hopeless, hand to the lost and comfort to those who lost their peace. Words of Healing is a Letter by Letter intimate journey, where Fazila roams through the beauties of life and beauties of pain that can be collectively experienced as well. Every reader will find themselves in between her lines.Breathtakingly beautiful. Luminous, sharp, deep and strongly felt words.Experiencing herself through self rejection and fear -Protecting an image I never was.Guilt being the hell I peeled off the confining skin I shed – ultimately brought her – Closer to God than ever. -Tatjana Ostojic 

I use etymology in my professional life as a content writer, so I was eager to read Words of Healing. The journey from A to Z begins as an exploration of language that quickly becomes a discovery of self. The words and definitions become a treasure hunt, and I, an eager explorer. ‘Closer’ and ‘Perfectly Unfinished’ both bought forth tears with their raw yet tender revealing. ‘Lucid’ had me awoken to the shining beauty of ethereal moments. ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Simple Gifts’ invite joy in everyday living. ‘Medicine’ is a poignant and beautiful balm. Words of Healing gifts the reader what it promises and is a book to be savoured and revisited. An invitation to think and feel differently. A gift to one’s self.’ Dianne Filipenko. Writer. Melbourne, Australia.

Fazila is a writer in a category of the utmost brilliance. Upon setting my eyes on the very first page of her book, I was completely drawn into the beauty of her words. Words we take for granted, tossing them carelessly, without much thought, she has brought out the true existence of them in such a deep and powerful way.  I so loved the way she takes you on her journey through the alphabet, as though each letter was a stepping stone to the next – “step by step.” I found myself tearing up, smiling and a heartfelt giggle from a mothers perspective. I found pieces of myself in her poetry. She has uniqueness to her writing, that draws you in and really makes one ponder life, it’s moments that we forget to breathe. Reading this book I was left with a sense of calmness, a connectedness and an understanding of the power that is within us to heal ourselves.  I would highly recommend this read. It flows as poetry does, each line intersecting the next with such vulnerability and rawness but exquisitely. Fazila has opened a new door to the world of poetry with her beautiful book, Words of healing, step by step. Thank you Fazila, for sharing your thoughts and inspiring ours. – Manj

Words of Healing is a beautiful and thoughtful poetry collection about the power and hope of healing. Fazila’s approach to the subject is unique as she shares poems in alphabetical order with a lexical perspective, delving into the history and backgrounds of words and how we have learned to interact with them. High praise must be given. 

Enoch Black 
Executive Curator Mythos Poets Society 

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Words of Healing, Letter by Letter : Nurani, Fazila: Books Words of Healing, Letter by Letter: 9781778291401: Nurani, Fazila: Books

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Live in Conversation with Fazila Nurani

January 28, 2022– We sat down with author Fazila Nurani to chat about her brand new book Words of Healing, Letter by Letter. We’ll chat about where her inspiration comes from, her childhood aspirations, and her advice for authors!

In conversation with Fazila Nurani author of Words of Healing, Letter by Letter.

Order your copy today here: : words of healing letter by letter fazila nurani (Canadian friends) Words of Healing, Letter by Letter: 9781778291401: Nurani, Fazila: Books (US friends)

Words of Healing, Letter by Letter – Pandamonium Publishing House (On our site)