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Marketing Media Mix

November 5, 2021-We’re only five days into November, and we’ve already chatted about press releases It’s November 1st! (You know what that means) – Pandamonium Publishing House, how to approach the media Media Madness – Pandamonium Publishing House, giveaways and promotions Give it Away Now – Pandamonium Publishing House, and customer appreciation Show Them What They Mean – Pandamonium Publishing House with lots more to come. Today we’re talking about mixing up your marketing campaigns to promote yourself and your books!

Focusing on strategic goals allows us to reach them. Where focus goes, energy and results flow. What outcomes do you want your campaign to have? Here are a few that you can expect when you do it correctly!

  • Strengthen brand awareness: If people don’t know you or what you do, how can they buy from you? By having a strong campaign that encompasses the below marketing mix, you have the best chances of strengthening your brand awareness.
  • Increase mindshare: When people see things repeatedly (7 times is the magic number), they start to associate your product with their needs or the needs of others, and you become first in their minds. When you see the golden arches, what do you think about it?
  • Introduction of a new product: By having an excellent mixed marketing strategy, it’s much easier to introduce your new product more quickly.
  • Differentiate yourself from the saturation: What’s different about your book from the books already out there? Focus on this point of differentiation in your strategy.
  • Move inventory and overstock: With your strategy in place, you should be able to move inventory quickly. By selling multiple units (such as a series), you automatically give your customers the best bang for their buck.

How to do this: Use a mix of strategies but ensure that they all convey the same message.

  • Print media:
    Display ads
    -Classified ads
    Door hangers
    -Direct mail cards
    -Niche Magazines and publications

    Broadcast media:
    Cable TV
    -Local television stations
    -Local radio stations

     Internet media:
    -Search engines
    -Google Business Page
    -Amazon author page
    -Online stores
    -Website (banners etc.)

  • Out of home media:
    -Human bodies
    -Bulletin boards
    -Card racks in stores
    -Vehicle signage
    -POP displays

There are so many ways to promote yourself and your books, but without an organized, targeted plan, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Plan, set goals and target your approach to be successful.

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