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Spotlight on…

Tim Ford is who we’re shining the spotlight on today! Tim won best local author for the Hamilton Spec and is a heck of a writer. He’s got a very loyal fanbase of readers who are always excited for his next books and they come out in droves to support him at his book launches. We’re so happy Tim is on our team, and we thoroughly enjoy his rated-R books in the Mitch Strongbow series! His writing makes you feel like you’re seated directly beside the main character, which can be terrifying at times. Check out Tim’s series of books here, and get ready for his next book, The Ghosts that Haunt Me book 10 in the Mitch Strongbow series coming March 2023.

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Here’s more about Tim: My name is Tim Ford, and I am an award-winning writer. Married father of two daughters, and Pappy (yes, grandpa sounds old) to 3 wonderful grandchildren. I am a retired steel worker of 35 years now, same as my father. Honest, hard-working profession. I’ve worked shifts for 43 years, and yes, I prefer nights. As a writer, I have more detailed thoughts and flow come to me. Sports enthusiast and gym rat. Music is my fav drug, soothes the savage soul, massages and resets my brain, even when the world around me is going mad. And writing, that is truly my great escape from reality. I feel so alive, almost euphoric.  I also have a chronic joint disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Regardless of the pain with a flair-up,  I will have a book thought, put on my music, and once my fingers touch the keyboard, my pain goes away. 

Tim with a custom-made shirt of his book titles!
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Pushing the Envelope with (the one and only) Tim Ford

April 28, 2021-I am so excited to wrap up this month’s theme of pushing the envelope in your writing! I hope that you will enjoy our guest blogger Tim Ford, who is the author of the Mitch Strongbow series! If you haven’t read his work yet, you’re missing out on a brilliant mind and even more brilliant storyteller. Here what he has to say:

My name is Tim Ford, and I am a writer. Well, truth be told, I am a storyteller, the editor truly makes me a writer. For me, my whole writing career has been a challenge, a challenge that I met head on, no surrender. I never graduated high school; in fact, I don’t even have grade 10 English. But as I stated above, I am a storyteller, self-taught.
Approx. 14 years ago, I was working night shifts over the Xmas holidays. I truly felt pissed off leaving my family, and heading to work. Everyone was enjoying Christmas dinner, and for me, well mine was packed up and taking to work to be nuked.
I have always had this storyline, character in my head. From time to time, I would write some stuff out, put it away until I felt the need to write out more of the story. So, while working over Christmas, I could have sulked, felt sorry for myself and turn that 12-hour shift, into a shift that seemed to never end, or do something that truly made me happy, my joy to my world, my celebration. Pulled out my notes, brought up a Microsoft Word page, and started to bang away on the keyboards. The feeling was rather euphoric, I felt so alive. Time meant nothing, that crazy Irish imagination of mine was firing on all cylinders. And you know what, I couldn’t wait to my next shift. To bring more of Mitchell Strongbow to life.
Now confidence is either your best friend, or worst enemy. I thought I had a solid storyline, but I realized, my lack of education quickly rose to the surface, we are talking warp speed. The fear was real.
Luckily for me, several curious coworkers asked what all was I doing pecking away on the keyboard like a chicken. I explained my story. I could tell I intrigue them by my storyline. They would ask for me to send them some stuff. Nervously I did, and the feedback was outstanding.
Originally my storyline was just this 17-year-old asking out a classmate to a New Year’s Eve party. Now, heck, I am in book 17 of the series.

My new challenges are not repeating the same storylines. Remember who all the characters and plotlines are, and also for each contract kill Mitch performs, it has to be unique, not the same bang-bang their dead.
I have also recently retired. I preferred to work night shifts. I would say 80% of my writing would take place between 22:00 and 04:00. My thought process would peak during these hours. Now, no way can I stay up that late. So, I need a new peak writing time, that has been a bit of a challenge, discipline will be the key for me.
And also, the Covid world, it is truly a dark world, not much sunshine in the world these days. The Strongbow series gets very dark at times. It was hard going down the Strongbow rabbit hole as when I came back up, the world much like Mitch’s world, still surrounded by darkness.

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