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Live in Conversation with Fazila Nurani

January 28, 2022– We sat down with author Fazila Nurani to chat about her brand new book Words of Healing, Letter by Letter. We’ll chat about where her inspiration comes from, her childhood aspirations, and her advice for authors!

In conversation with Fazila Nurani author of Words of Healing, Letter by Letter.

Order your copy today here: : words of healing letter by letter fazila nurani (Canadian friends) Words of Healing, Letter by Letter: 9781778291401: Nurani, Fazila: Books (US friends)

Words of Healing, Letter by Letter – Pandamonium Publishing House (On our site)

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School Visits are in Full Swing!

November 28, 2017- I’m very happy to announce that school visits are in full swing for this year and into 2018. It has been an absolute pleasure to visit students in various schools to read them my book Deer Diary. I’m always inspired by what they have to say, and they often give me new and exciting ideas for upcoming books; This is precisely what happened during a school visit in Hamilton on Friday! The students wanted to know if next time, I could write a book about different woodland animals, as I had left out some of their favourites! When I asked them what animals they would like to see in the future, the answer was unanimous: They picked a wolf, a fox, and an owl! That being said, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve decided to write a sequel to Deer Diary with a whole new cast of characters that will include the animals that the students suggested. Of course, this means that I will dedicate Deer Diary 2 to the students of that school! Look for Deer Diary 2 in the summer of 2019:)


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Are You Ready? Meet Our Newest Character!

November 16, 2017- I’m really excited to share this with you guys! Here is a special, never seen before, sneak peek of an up and coming character, illustrated by our very own, Shamayal Hayat. This children’s book will be launching in March 2018 so stay tuned for details! Until then, I’m not giving anything away…nope, not even the title!