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You Have 8 Seconds

July 15, 2020-How long does an elevator ride take? Approximately 8 to 30 seconds if we’re lucky. Imagine that you’re in an elevator with a publisher, and you’ve just written a book; what would you say to them? And what would you tell them about your story?

Here’s where people get it wrong; they give too much information about their book that isn’t relevant, and the eyes of the other person start to glaze over. This is when we know we’ve lost them and that the chances of being published are probably nil. If you can’t describe your story in 2 lines, then you’re not ready to pitch a publisher.

Let’s look at how to perfect your elevator pitch:

  • Start with your synopsis– A synopsis is a brief, 1 page telling of your story in a nutshell
  • Tell the most exciting parts-Narrow down your synopsis to 2 sentences
  • Whet their appetite-Leave your audience wanting more, entice them to ask for more information about your book
  • Have a business card handy to give out your contact information– Make it easy for them to find you and get their contact info too so that you can follow up

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