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Spotlight On…

Today’s featured book is The Pocket Pig by award-winning author Jan L. Coates. Her book debuted at number one on the Amazon Best Sellers List the day it was released (November 28, 2022)!

About the book: George McGoink is a pocket pig who causes heaps of trouble with his big imagination, including trails of mud and way too many bubbles. Join George and his best friend, Liam, on an adventure that will have you tickled pink! Recommended reading ages 4-7. Written and illustrated by Jan L. Coates, formatting by Alex Goubar, 2022, Pandamonium Publishing House.

About the author: “What if…?” It’s the beginning of every story. What if you met a blind woman in a used clothing store?  What if you were a seven-year-old boy struggling to survive in Africa without parents?  What if pigs could fly or a hurricane asked you to dance? Being a fiction writer means constantly wondering, imagining – how does it feel to be somebody else? It’s a lot like being nosy…I live in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and I’m a writer and illustrator, a former teacher, and a mother. I grew up in Truro, NS (Janet Mingo) and went to Acadia University; I love my bike, travel, France, chocolate, Georgia, picture books and my family (not necessarily in that order). 

Themes: The themes in this book include friendship, imagination, mischief, and humour.

Check out Jan’s website: Jan Coates – “What If…?” – Jan L. Coates – “What if…?”

Get your copy here: The Pocket Pig – Pandamonium Publishing House
The Pocket Pig: Coates, Jan L., Coates, Jan L.: 9781989506585: Books –