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Spotlight On…

Today’s spotlight is on authors Alex Goubar and Maddison Greene! As you know, Alex Goubar is our lead illustrator at Pandamonium Publishing House and is responsible for creating fabulous books, graphics, and covers. She’s teamed up with author Maddison Greene to bring you a book that focuses on a cause close to their hearts. Read more about them and their book LongRun Stories New Beginnings, which helps retired racehorses! Order their book here: LongRun Stories New Beginnings: Goubar, Alex, Greene, Maddison: 9781989506561: Books –

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Interview with Regan Macaulay!

April 27, 2022-I had the pleasure of interviewing our very own Regan Macaulay about her upcoming mid-grade novel Peter Litte Wing slated for release in early 2023. Check out what she had to say about her writing process, where she finds inspiration, the importance of research, and her tips for aspiring authors here:

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Words of Healing, Letter by Letter by Fazila Nurani

January 31, 2022– I thought I’d share some of the wonderful reviews that have been sent in by readers of Words of Healing, Letter by Letter a brand new poetry book by author Fazila Nurani. Words of Healing, Letter by Letter is a collection of 26 inspirational poems that meander through the alphabet, in the same way that self-care and healing the heart takes kind attention, step-by-step. Using poetic language awake to connection, this book encourages the reader to engage with the world and personal experiences with deep devotion to the mystery and lessons life gifts us all.

Author’s knowledge of poetry and language is admirable. I’m amazed by her ability to “gather” verses about the divine, the physical and metaphysical into a meaningful whole. This book is an insightful investigation of the body and mind. It is a quest for personal truth, self acceptance and belonging.Her reflections on life and world surrounding her give hope to the hopeless, hand to the lost and comfort to those who lost their peace. Words of Healing is a Letter by Letter intimate journey, where Fazila roams through the beauties of life and beauties of pain that can be collectively experienced as well. Every reader will find themselves in between her lines.Breathtakingly beautiful. Luminous, sharp, deep and strongly felt words.Experiencing herself through self rejection and fear -Protecting an image I never was.Guilt being the hell I peeled off the confining skin I shed – ultimately brought her – Closer to God than ever. -Tatjana Ostojic 

I use etymology in my professional life as a content writer, so I was eager to read Words of Healing. The journey from A to Z begins as an exploration of language that quickly becomes a discovery of self. The words and definitions become a treasure hunt, and I, an eager explorer. ‘Closer’ and ‘Perfectly Unfinished’ both bought forth tears with their raw yet tender revealing. ‘Lucid’ had me awoken to the shining beauty of ethereal moments. ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Simple Gifts’ invite joy in everyday living. ‘Medicine’ is a poignant and beautiful balm. Words of Healing gifts the reader what it promises and is a book to be savoured and revisited. An invitation to think and feel differently. A gift to one’s self.’ Dianne Filipenko. Writer. Melbourne, Australia.

Fazila is a writer in a category of the utmost brilliance. Upon setting my eyes on the very first page of her book, I was completely drawn into the beauty of her words. Words we take for granted, tossing them carelessly, without much thought, she has brought out the true existence of them in such a deep and powerful way.  I so loved the way she takes you on her journey through the alphabet, as though each letter was a stepping stone to the next – “step by step.” I found myself tearing up, smiling and a heartfelt giggle from a mothers perspective. I found pieces of myself in her poetry. She has uniqueness to her writing, that draws you in and really makes one ponder life, it’s moments that we forget to breathe. Reading this book I was left with a sense of calmness, a connectedness and an understanding of the power that is within us to heal ourselves.  I would highly recommend this read. It flows as poetry does, each line intersecting the next with such vulnerability and rawness but exquisitely. Fazila has opened a new door to the world of poetry with her beautiful book, Words of healing, step by step. Thank you Fazila, for sharing your thoughts and inspiring ours. – Manj

Words of Healing is a beautiful and thoughtful poetry collection about the power and hope of healing. Fazila’s approach to the subject is unique as she shares poems in alphabetical order with a lexical perspective, delving into the history and backgrounds of words and how we have learned to interact with them. High praise must be given. 

Enoch Black 
Executive Curator Mythos Poets Society 

Order your copy today! Available here:
Words of Healing, Letter by Letter – Pandamonium Publishing House
Words of Healing, Letter by Letter : Nurani, Fazila: Books Words of Healing, Letter by Letter: 9781778291401: Nurani, Fazila: Books

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It’s November 1st! (You know what that means)

November 1, 2021– We had such a great theme last month of daily photo prompts for our October author challenge! I hope you enjoyed writing each day and that you’ll continue the process throughout your entire writing career.

This month, our theme is reaping what you sow…but what does that mean? It means the seeds you plant now as an author will bloom over the coming year and beyond. How exciting is that? We’re going to talk about an idea a day to promote yourself and your books! These daily actions will help you get the word out about who you are, what you do, and write about. Let’s dig in:

Today’s action for authors: Write a press release and send it out to bookstores and the media.

What should a press release include? 

  • 1 page at maximum!
  • Written like a news report
  • How your book will connect with a particular target market, e.g., children, adults, mid-grade readers, etc.
  • A hook/catchy headline
  • Written in the third person
  • Short quote or excerpt
  • Author bio
  • Book info
  • Contact info
  • Call to action

Let’s do an example: 


For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets
Lacey L. Bakker and collaborative authors

Imprint: Pandamonium Publishing House
On sale: May 7, 2019
Price: $19.99
Pages: 57
ISBN: 123456789


Currently, there are two million pets in Canada without homes who are struggling to survive. You can help save their lives. 

“Animals bring out the best in us. They talk to us without speaking, comfort us without judging, and love us without question. We will not stop until the shelters are empty and every animal has a loving, forever home.” —Lacey L. Bakker, author of For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets.

Whether cats, dogs, raccoons, or goldfish, the relationships forged with animals are some of the happiest and difficult relationships we’ll ever have; some have crossed over the rainbow bridge, others have been rehabilitated and released back into the wild, but one thing connects us all, unspoken love for animals of all kinds. In their new book, For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets (Pandamonium Publishing House; Trade Paperback Original; $19.99; on sale May 7, 2019), authors share how animals have changed their lives for the better and how some of them have even saved their lives.  100 percent of the proceeds from this book are donated to local organizations to help animals in need. 

Many stories might sound familiar: “We had to say goodbye to our gentle giant,” or “Unlike dogs, cats are not servants to humans.” We need animals as much as they need us, perhaps even more so because they can’t speak for themselves, and we become their caretakers, their family, and most of all, their voice against cruelty, injustice, and homelessness. Pets and animals hold a special place in people’s hearts around the world; they leave pawprints on our hearts, and we are forever changed for the better because of them. 

With each author’s story, readers will be touched by recollections of happy, sad, humourous, and challenging times with animals that fill the lives of the writers. Proceeds from this book will help animals that are: 


Readers will learn how animals impact their everyday life and that the love of an animal is like none other, and most importantly, how they can make a difference in the lives of animals. Order here: For the Love of Animals – Pandamonium Publishing House

Lacey L. Bakker is an author, entrepreneur, and publisher who studied at Wharton Business School, Copenhagen University, and Stanford. She helps fundraise for animals in need through local organizations that feed, house, and care for animals of all kinds. She has two cats and a dog who give and receive buckets of love daily. 


There you have it! Start putting together your press release today, and tune in tomorrow for more ways to promote your books. Check out our classes here: Virtual Courses, Classes, and Workshops – Pandamonium Publishing House and order your copy of For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets here: For the Love of Animals – Pandamonium Publishing House

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Spotlight on Lost and Monkey Around

October 4, 2020– Rachel and I met a few years back at a cat show in Ancaster, where I was selling my very first book, Panda, the Very Bad Cat. She approached my table and said that it’s always been a dream of hers to have a children’s book published. I handed her my card, and a few months later, she sent me a query for her book about lost and found items at a zoo. I told her earnestly that I do not support zoos and that I would not publish a book that had any animals in captivity; we went our separate ways. The rest of the story is a little blurry for me, but I plan on having Rachel as a guest on our Podcast to fill in the blanks, so stay tuned for that at a later date. Another year passed, and I contacted her asking if she’d rewrite the story to have the animals in another setting such as on safari; we struck a deal, and the rest is history! Rachel was paired with our very own, Erin Cutler, who did a wonderful job of bringing the story to life through illustrations. This fabulously funny book will have you roaring with laughter!

Will Lenie ever find her glasses? Join Lenie and her brother, Noah, on a safari adventure full of surprises! Sometimes you might just find what you’ve lost in the most unlikely places! Get your copy here:

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Spotlight on

September 23, 2020– Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Grandma’s Table, written by Michelle Pontefract, illustrated by Erin Cutler. This beautiful book is all about family, sharing the love, and making room for friends. Everyone is welcome around Grandma’s Table; the more, the merrier! The illustrations are brought to life and jump off the page because of the watercolour medium used to give them texture and a gorgeous softness.

Grandma’s Table is all about inclusion and celebration among a fabulous feast of foods from around the world. Included are some favourite recipes from Michelle’s family that make the book interactive and allow you to spend cherished moments with your children making delicious memories.

Here’s what one reader had to say about Grandma’s Table:

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully Inclusive

Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2020
Verified Purchase
What a gorgeous book. Such a strong message that there’s always room at Grandma’s Table. I loved the diversity of dishes and characters, as well as the recipes included in the back. My kids enjoyed making the cookies.

You can get your copy here:

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An Excerpt from Life Supports

August 12, 2020-If you haven’t read Life Supports by KG Watson, you should. It’s a fantastic book that examines the important things in life. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“It was during a search of my basement music storage for material that the ladies unexpectedly came across the box of cookbooks. I had forgotten I put them there, maybe I didn’t, maybe the kids put them there when they cleaned out the kitchen prior to the arrival of the students.

The Evercare bus had dropped me off at my house after the service. After I handed my just-used material back to the digitizers, I went to find what I thought I needed for next week. I had pointed to the boxes I wanted to look through and Margaret had hoisted them up the stairs and onto a cleared corner of the dining room table for sorting.

When I opened the first box there they were rank on rank of cookbooks, ragged with loose paper sticking out of them it was not what I expected. While Trudy and Jessica continued their perfected ballet with my music scores and the electronics, Margaret diverted her attention to scan this new trove. If it looks like a book, Margaret is helpless within its sight. The kitchen library has been stacked into the box spine up. There were fat volumes of cookbooks separating words of pamphlets on the top layer.

With the removal, a packet of letter size sheets and plastic archive folders that have been stuffed down the side, fell over onto the lower layer of pamphlets. Margaret pulled a page and couldn’t help noticing the title on the top peeking from beneath the rusting pinch clamp that held the clump together. Gingerbread Cookies it said in bold print, I sighed.”

There are recipes included in this book and I think that we should attempt to make a couple of them. Gingerbread just happens to be my absolute favourite cookie of all time!

I hope you enjoyed the above excerpt from Life Supports by KG Watson. Now available on Amazon and soon on our site!

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Grandpa’s Gift

July 24, 2020Have you read The Old Farmer’s Treasure? Well, I’ve got exciting news; Grandpa’s Gift is the sequel to The Old Farmer’s Treasure and will wrap up the story with one final clue. The boys are now grown, and they’ve got to risk it all to find the truth. Will they work together or will they be torn apart by the choices they must make? Coming December 2020, from Pandamonium Publishing House!

Watch the trailer for Book 1, here and remember to subscribe to our channel: 

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Advice From a Publisher

June 12, 2020– As many of you know, I have a non-fiction book out titled, Advice From a Publisher (Insider secrets to getting your work published), that is packed full of information for people who have questions about publishing. Here’s a sample of what’s inside!

Q: “You have a ton of content on your site, how do you think of fresh ideas all of the time? I seem to write about the same old things and sometimes I have trouble finding ideas!” 

A: Thank you for noticing first of all! I try so hard to bring fresh ideas and new things for us to talk about! Some days it can be a struggle; that’s for sure, especially when we have a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, and various social media to keep up with. I do my best not to duplicate content, so you won’t get a podcast that has the same info or material as on our blog, etc. When it comes to finding inspiration for content, here’s what I do:

  1. I scour the news. Yep, it’s depressing at times, but I look for things that I can talk or write about, especially when it comes to creative writing. Sometimes the headlines can inspire a book idea or a skewed perspective for a topic that I can share.
  2. I listen to conversations. Eavesdropping? Check. When I’m out getting coffee or I’m shopping, or anywhere in public, I listen to the people around me. Sometimes waiting in line at a place can provide lots of great ideas!
  3. I read trade publications like Writer’s Digest and subscribe to magazines in my field of work. This allows for a lot of ideas on topics that are relevant for our readers and writers who visit and subscribe to our content. It also means that staying up to date on all things, publishing is essential in bringing the most relevant topics to our media.

The book is packed full of useful information about self-publishing, hybrid-publishing, and traditional publishing; you can order it from our site

book cover publisher

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Excerpt from chapter 2-My Name is Jessica Westlake

May 29, 2020– I’m almost done my next thriller novel titled, My Name is Jessica Westlake. Today I thought I’d share an excerpt from chapter two. I hope that you enjoy it! Look for it online and in stores on July 1st, 2020.

Sunlight drips through the window and onto the floor. I open my eyes and disappointment sets in; I had hoped I wouldn’t wake up, and I wish that I hadn’t made it through the night. I feel cheated because I want nothing more than to join Benjamin, to hold him, and tell him that I love him. I want to apologize to him because I failed as a mother. My one job was to protect him, and I didn’t. I would give my life a hundred times over for him to have a chance at survival; every thought is of him, and every second of consciousness torments me and shreds my soul into strips of grief. There is no way that I can go on; there is no point anymore because the mother that I prepared myself to be is gone, and an empty shell takes her place. Cloudy thoughts and tears fill every moment; it is as if there is an unquenchable reserve of fresh torture that replays over and over each time I wake up. I can’t help but think that teenage girls who are barely out of high school can have children; women who live in Third World and war-torn countries are able to deliver a child who is not born asleep. I wasn’t even able to manage that. Each breath feels like wasted effort; I’ll never hear him laugh, never see him smile, and I’ll never be able to rest his body on mine or feel his heartbeat. What is the worst part? All of it. Every single horrific moment.