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It’s November 1st! (You know what that means)

November 1, 2021– We had such a great theme last month of daily photo prompts for our October author challenge! I hope you enjoyed writing each day and that you’ll continue the process throughout your entire writing career.

This month, our theme is reaping what you sow…but what does that mean? It means the seeds you plant now as an author will bloom over the coming year and beyond. How exciting is that? We’re going to talk about an idea a day to promote yourself and your books! These daily actions will help you get the word out about who you are, what you do, and write about. Let’s dig in:

Today’s action for authors: Write a press release and send it out to bookstores and the media.

What should a press release include? 

  • 1 page at maximum!
  • Written like a news report
  • How your book will connect with a particular target market, e.g., children, adults, mid-grade readers, etc.
  • A hook/catchy headline
  • Written in the third person
  • Short quote or excerpt
  • Author bio
  • Book info
  • Contact info
  • Call to action

Let’s do an example: 


For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets
Lacey L. Bakker and collaborative authors

Imprint: Pandamonium Publishing House
On sale: May 7, 2019
Price: $19.99
Pages: 57
ISBN: 123456789


Currently, there are two million pets in Canada without homes who are struggling to survive. You can help save their lives. 

“Animals bring out the best in us. They talk to us without speaking, comfort us without judging, and love us without question. We will not stop until the shelters are empty and every animal has a loving, forever home.” —Lacey L. Bakker, author of For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets.

Whether cats, dogs, raccoons, or goldfish, the relationships forged with animals are some of the happiest and difficult relationships we’ll ever have; some have crossed over the rainbow bridge, others have been rehabilitated and released back into the wild, but one thing connects us all, unspoken love for animals of all kinds. In their new book, For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets (Pandamonium Publishing House; Trade Paperback Original; $19.99; on sale May 7, 2019), authors share how animals have changed their lives for the better and how some of them have even saved their lives.  100 percent of the proceeds from this book are donated to local organizations to help animals in need. 

Many stories might sound familiar: “We had to say goodbye to our gentle giant,” or “Unlike dogs, cats are not servants to humans.” We need animals as much as they need us, perhaps even more so because they can’t speak for themselves, and we become their caretakers, their family, and most of all, their voice against cruelty, injustice, and homelessness. Pets and animals hold a special place in people’s hearts around the world; they leave pawprints on our hearts, and we are forever changed for the better because of them. 

With each author’s story, readers will be touched by recollections of happy, sad, humourous, and challenging times with animals that fill the lives of the writers. Proceeds from this book will help animals that are: 


Readers will learn how animals impact their everyday life and that the love of an animal is like none other, and most importantly, how they can make a difference in the lives of animals. Order here: For the Love of Animals – Pandamonium Publishing House

Lacey L. Bakker is an author, entrepreneur, and publisher who studied at Wharton Business School, Copenhagen University, and Stanford. She helps fundraise for animals in need through local organizations that feed, house, and care for animals of all kinds. She has two cats and a dog who give and receive buckets of love daily. 


There you have it! Start putting together your press release today, and tune in tomorrow for more ways to promote your books. Check out our classes here: Virtual Courses, Classes, and Workshops – Pandamonium Publishing House and order your copy of For the Love of Animals: True stories by collaborative authors about the power of pets here: For the Love of Animals – Pandamonium Publishing House

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