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No One is Coming to Save You

June 23, 2021-Author mindset is our the this month and today we’ll be focusing on accountability. Gulp, I know this can be a touchy subject, but I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours if I skipped this topic.

There is ONE thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people and that is ACCOUNTABILITY. Accountability means that you take 100% responsibility for your writing life and the results you’re getting.

How many times have you heard, “It’s not my fault that I couldn’t find the submission guidelines,” or “I didn’t know that there were author shows going on,” or “I can’t be responsible for low sales, the market is saturated.” I’m here to tell you-YES IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If it’s not yours than whose is it? The neighbour’s? The publisher’s? The milkman’s? Stop trying to blame other people for the crappy results you’ve been getting!

Something magical happens when we take 100% accountability as authors; we grow and our results change for the better! If we’re brave enough to say, “The buck stops with me,” or “I’m the one in the driver’s seat,” we can transform our mind, life, and career.

It’s easy to blame others for our lack of success and failures, but the truth is that deep down we know it’s no ones fault but our own. As soon as we take responsibility for our writing lives, things begin to change! There’s a freedom in being honest with ourselves and knowing that we are in charge of our results.

A strong author mindset focuses on how to grow, improve, and get results while acknowledging where we went wrong and planning to do better. Nothing will change in your life if you’re not accountable for your actions, decisions, and outcomes.

Ask yourself if you’ve been 100% accountable for your success and failures thus far, or if you’ve been hiding behind the excuse that someone else is in charge of your life, dreams, and writing goals. It’s time to step up your game and take responsibility for the good and the bad. That’s the only way to change.