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It Takes a Village

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September 12, 2022-We had the best weekend at Supercrawl! It’s always a fabulous event in the city of Hamilton and droves of people came out to support artists of all kinds. Special thanks to my team for helping out and promoting their books and the books of their fellow authors. As I was looking at the company that’s been created, I couldn’t help but feel so blessed that we’re such a strong unit as I watched them interact with each other and the public. I’m so proud of them and honoured to lead this team. Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat and support our work!

With any endeavour, you can’t go at it alone and it really does take a village to make your dreams come to life! There are so many people involved not only with book production (author, artist, formatters, marketers, publishers, designers, distributors, store owners, and the list goes on infinitely) but with everything that comes afterward, which I personally think is the most fun part!

The whole point of this life is to learn, to grow, to share your gifts, and connect with others. I’ve been so fortunate to meet some wonderful people along all of the stops on my journey and I know that they’ve played a huge part in all that I’ve been able to accomplish so far. I sincerely hope that I’ve been able to help them in some small way as well.

So, how do we support each other? Here are some ideas to help our fellow authors:

  1. Reach out. Send an email, text, or message to the author to let them know that you’ve read their book and enjoyed it. This is huge for authors because most of us have imposter syndrome and never think we’re really good enough. A kind note from a friend or reader who liked our book is a huge confidence boost.
  2. Support them at events. If you’re in the area and are available to swing by and offer a few words of encouragement or support at an event, this is such a great thing to do. It’s always nice to chat with a friendly face and takes some of the pressure off.
  3. Buy their books. If you have the means, purchasing their book is a great way to show that you support your local authors and artists. Sales matter as much as everything else and it’s the financial backing that helps us make more books and share more stories.
  4. Share on social media. By sharing author’s posts on social media, you help us get the word out! This is especially important for new releases and letting others know where we’ll be at events etc. It’s a free thing that you can do that make such a difference!
  5. Give great reviews. Leaving a review on their website, emailing it to them, posting it on social media, or on Amazon, is super helpful to the author because it helps build and solidify their credibility. People look to reviews before purchasing a lot of the time, so your reviews help tremendously.
  6. Word of mouth works. Spreading positivity, love, respect, and kindness are all wonderful ways to help authors and really our fellow humans. We’re all in this together and we need each other to succeed in everything. No one goes at this alone!

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