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You have 5 seconds…
Your brain can talk you out of opportunity

2 thoughts on “You have 5 seconds…

  1. I recently purchased “Sammy the singing cat” when reading this story, I noticed that there is a typing error on one of the pages. I believe it would be page 20. The last part of the story reads …. he needed a different singing teacher, bu this was his last chance!….I believe it should be “but”.

    I just thought that you should know before printing off any more of this story. Sawyer just loved Panda the bad cat and meeting you at your signing a couple of years ago.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! Sometimes things slip by the editor or it happens during the formatting phase. I appreciate your message. Please let me send you another one of our books as a thank you:) if you would send me your mailing address to, I’ll put something in the mail. Thank you!

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