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Publisher’s Corner…

June 28, 2019– Another Friday, another question! Let’s check it out:

Q: “Lacey, I’ve just been put in charge of writing my company’s newsletter (Dentist office) each month. Any tips for me on how to get started and come up with new info? I’m struggling.” 

A: It’s pretty cool that you’re in charge of the newsletter! You’ll get to flex your writing muscles and hopefully get paid to do so. Here are some tips that work across all businesses. 

  1. Use a catchy headline. Your headline has to grab your audience and make them want to read further.
  2. Make it easy to read. Use short sentences and don’t go overboard with the terminology that your audience may not understand. I’m not saying to dumb it down, but I’m saying keep who you’re writing for in mind. If you’re writing to other dentists instead of patients, then go ahead and get technical.
  3. Make it useful. Offer the readers information that is useful to them. They need a reason to subscribe to your newsletter and it has to be valuable and relevant info to them.
  4. Cite your references. If you’re quoting someone or using studies from white papers to share data, be sure to cite your references!

Newsletters are a great way for companies to keep in touch with their clients, they’re great for announcements and offers, and they’re a fun way to inform your clients about what you’re up to. If you don’t have a newsletter, you should consider making one!


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