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Acts of Kindness

November 3, 2020- You may have heard that we have a new book out, a collaborative effort by many authors, titled Acts of Kindness. The stories submitted by the authors are heartwarming, heartwrenching, and inspiring. Get your copy here:

I’d like to share one of the stories submitted by Joanne Kilkenny (author of The Adventures of Carlos; Carlos goes on Vacation) titled Wren Rescue. Thank you, Joanne, for your submission!

On a sunny afternoon in July, I took a cup of tea to sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. A short while later, I noticed our dog Lily standing by the edge of the pool looking at something inside. I presumed it was a leaf but got up to see what it was anyway. As I looked down on the stair of the pool, I saw a poor little wren flapping it wings desperately trying to get out. I went to the pool shed to get the skimmer and scoop it out, but as I returned it was floating down the pool heading straight towards the pool filter! I didn’t have much time; I dropped the skimmer my mind racing to think of what I could use to save this poor bird!

I ran into the house, pulled open the utensil drawer trying to think what could work best to scoop the bird out without having to touch it with human hands.   I spotted the soup ladle, grabbed it, and hurried out hoping I was not too late to save it! The bird was nowhere in sight! I knelt by the pool filter and opened the lid preparing for the worst.  I was relieved to see the bird’s head still bobbing above the water, trying to fight the pull of gravity into the filter.  It looked at me with such terror, not knowing which posed more danger, fighting the force of the water or the human peering down at it.

“Don’t worry little one, I am here to help you” I said calmly.

I took the ladle and scooped the little wren out and placed him on the cement. The poor thing was so wet and exhausted, it just collapsed. Not wanting to cause it any more trauma, I walked away and sat on the deck to observe, hoping it would shake its wings and show signs of life.

A few minutes later, three wrens flew in and landed around the poor wet bird.  It resembled a rescue team and reminded me of a scene in the movie, The Santa Claus where the elves flew in to rescue Santa. One by one each wren nudged the lifeless bird gently and chirped at it.  This went on for some time, each time they waited patiently for it to react.  After a while, the lifeless bird seemed to stir, and they continued nudging it ever so gently. The wren shook its wings and tried to stand on its feet but fell back to the ground.  With a little more encouragement from the other wrens, it tried again, this time it was successful, stayed on its feet. After it seemed to get its balance, the wrens concentrated on nudging and guiding it to a more protected area under some bushes so it could have time to recover. As I watched the scene, thoughts crossed my mind; I wondered how the wrens knew that one of their own was in need? Had they been in the trees watching my efforts to save the wren? What was it they were communicating to the wren with their chirping? It was a wonderful feeling watching this scene and I felt like I had witnessed a miracle of life.

My husband came out on the deck to observe these feathered friends, taking care of each other just as we humans would. Over the next thirty minutes or so we watched the wrens direct the bird around the pool to the garden area and once it found a safe place which would provide it with visible protection from predators, they flew up in the tree and continued to watch over it.

We decided to head in for dinner, happy that the wren was recovering and waiting for its wings to dry before trying to take flight.  I checked on the little wren a few times that evening and watched the yard for any stray animals which could harm it.

Just before dark, I went out one last time and was so delighted that the wren, along with the rescue team had gone on their way before nightfall. 

It is hard to describe the emotion I experienced, perhaps awe or sense of wonderment, but it is one that I will not soon forget! It is so rare that humans have the opportunity to observe such a special moment in nature and I was so grateful to have been able to observe and participate in this act of kindness; happy to have saved a little wren’s life!

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