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What’s Your Type?

July 19, 2021– I hope that you’re learning valuable information from our theme this month which is public speaking for authors. Today we’re focusing on the five types of public speaking, all of which you may be asked to do at one time or another during the course of your career as an author. Let’s dig into the list!

  1. Informative. This type of public speaking is pretty self-explanatory. An informative presentation focuses on educating your audience in the space that you are an expert in. Examples can include the mechanics of novel writing, the differences between traditional and self-publishing, how to write children’s picture books etc. Whatever you choose to speak on that is an informative type of speech, the goal is to help your audience understand the subject and to remember what they’ve learned.
  2. Persuasive. Persuasive speeches entice your reader to take action. For example, let’s say that you’re giving a speech to encourage your audience to enrol in your class on how to self-publish; you would outline the benefits of self-publishing, what they can expect to learn from you, and how it will help them reach their goals. Don’t focus on yourself; focus on your audience! What can you do for them?
  3. Ceremonial. “I’d like to thank the academy…”This is also known as a special occasion speech; perhaps you’re accepting a literary or entrepreneur award etc., ceremonial speeches thank the people that gave the award/voted for you or your book. Ceremonial speeches should also inspire your audience that they can be in your position one day, too, without coming across as arrogant on your part.
  4. Impromptu. This is the most dreaded type of public speaking for authors, especially those who consider themselves hardcore introverts. Impromptu speeches are unexpected and off the cuff. This type of speech may be asked of you if you’re a guest of honour at a surprise party to celebrate the launch of your new book, as an example. There’s no time to prepare, so it’s best to keep it short and simple.
  5. Debatable. I love this type of public speaking because of its wild card feel! You never know the topics that may come up, and debatable speeches often come up during author panels, genre-specific talks, and anything that is a hot-button topic in publishing, literature, and writing. Topics can include author questions and answers after a presentation or book signing and during book clubs! For example, you may be giving a talk on self-publishing, and there could be people in the audience that think traditional publishing is the only way to go. Get ready to debate and remember to be respectful while being confident in your stance.

Public speaking should be fun, and it can be when you have a ton of knowledge to pull from! Preparation (yes, even for the impromptu speeches) is the key to your success—practice, practice, practice.

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