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This Is It

October 29, 2021– We’re done our theme for the month, and this is the last post before we wrap up!  I hope that you’ve learned a lot and that you’ll take some of the challenges we’ve given along with you in your writing life and continue to write each day.

I love the image for today. I can’t put my finger on what I love about it so much, but perhaps it’s because I love the ocean and the peace that it brings. Every time I’ve ever had the opportunity to stand in the sea, I’ve taken it; it makes me feel so small and insignificant and that the world is so massive and we hardly know anything about it. Then my mind wanders to the fact that we’ve only explored five percent of the ocean thus far, and there are creatures that we haven’t even discovered yet! The ocean inspires me. I’ll say that much about it.

Today’s challenge is interesting, to say the least; it’s not a photograph but an illustration that is beautiful and plays to the writer’s imagination. Using the photo above, write a 200-word poem. The lighthouse, moon, and boat are intriguing and mysterious. Don’t self-edit; just get the words on the page!

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